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Mercury News & FAQ's

Understanding Mercury's Service Types

Occasionally a client will call with a delivery request, not totally sure what level of service to expect. We try to keep our services simple, and easy to define so that everyone knows exactly what they are paying for. The following is a schedule of our different services, and a brief explanation of what to expect.

Standard Rush Delivery - If you call to place an order, simply state the Pick-up and Delivery points, and it will automatically be assumed that you are placing a "Standard Rush" order. You need not specify any further. Our "Rush" service is ordered approximately 85% of the time, and is defined as follows: Any package picked up and delivered in Cuyahoga County will be delivered within two (2) hours of call in time. Any package picked up in Cuyahoga, and delivered to any adjacent county will be delivered within three (3) hours of call in time. Any package going outside of the adjacent county area will be picked up within one (1) hour, and delivered directly. Rush service is available for the following vehicle types: Cars, Pick-ups, and Vans.

Red Alert Delivery - When you have something that needs delivered immediately, please state that you would like "Red Alert" or "1 Hour" service. Any package picked up and delivered in Cuyahoga County will be completed within one (1) hour of call in time. Any package outside of this zone will be picked up within thirty (30) minutes, and delivered directly. This service costs an additional $15.00 on top of your base price. In the winter months, and during certain events, "Red Alert" service is subject to denial by Mercury's dispatchers. We will not promise something that is not possible. Rush service is available for the following vehicle types: Cars, Pick-ups, and Vans.

Recurring Scheduled Order- Many clients have repeat orders such as the following: Pick-up or drop off mail every day to the Post Office at the same time every day, Pick-up from the same company in Columbus every Wednesday at Noon, and deliver to our office in Cleveland no later than 4:00 p.m. etc…

Q -How would it work if a package was called in at 10 a.m., but not ready to be picked up until 1 p.m. ?
A - For pre-scheduled deliveries, Mercury always assumes a 30 minute window for pick up, and 60 minutes for delivery. Therefore we would set the pick-up time for 1-1:30 p.m., and delivery for no later than 2:30. This results in a delivery within 90 minutes of ready time. As you can see, that is 30 minutes faster than our "Rush" service but for the same price. This is due to the fact that it is easier to coordinate stops when you know ahead of time when they will be ready.

Q - What can I expect if I place an order for a "Dock-High' or "Box Truck"?
A - 90 % of our Dock High loads are picked up within 1 hour, and delivered directly.

Q - Does Mercury deliver packages outside of Ohio?
A - Yes, Mercury delivers to anywhere in North America and can execute them on the ground or through the air.

Q - Can orders be placed on the internet?
A - No. Although Mercury has a quickly growing presence on the web, we feel that there are too many particulars to type in, and something may be missed. Most clients prefer hearing a voice on the other end confirming all of the details, and so do we! You can visit Mercury's site at

E-mail to

Q - What hours are you open?
A - Mercury is open for business 24/7 & 365! Thank you to all of the clients who responded to our Inquiry that was distributed in January and February.

Here's what the clients of Mercury Logistics are saying:
1. Very pleased and impressed with your operation!
2. We would not change a thing, service is fabulous!
3. I have worked with couriers for 13 years and you are the BEST!
4. Keep doing what you are doing!
5. Your drivers are great, uniformed and professional they are giving Mercury a name of Class!
6. Keep up the great job, we couldn't ask for more.
7. I've never dealt with a delivery company with such excitement and dedication!
8. I recommend your service to all of my clients and friends.
9. Mercury drivers are so good; we entrust all of our important work to you.
10. Thanks for helping to give us a name of reliability!!

Thank you again! Your support and response mean a great deal to us.
If ever you have a question or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative (440) 572-3900. We couldn't be doing so well without each and every one of you !! So many of you have helped to increase our business, if anyone you know needs a delivery service, please give us the referral.

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